About us

Since from 1993,
we have continued to design, develop,
integrate and assemble of system integration
in the field of professional
automated machinery for more than 20 years.

We persist improvement and innovation constantly to face
the trend of industrial automation and intelligence,
we concentre to strengthen our professional and team ability
for providing customers diversified service
with our capacity of design integration.

Our business covering various industries,
including food, beverage, packaging, steel,
chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, entertainment,
and any that requires integration of automation systems or robots.
Base on the professional skills and experiences,
our technical team uses high quality robot arms combine
with the best Mitsubishi FA products,
to provide complete electromechanical
integration design and perfect after-sales service.

Business philosophy

Taking the technology as the basic,
plus the professionalism in prime,
we believe that quality is the most important thing,
while service is the first priority, moreover,
to manage with integrity and growing steady,
further to cultivating talents and giving back to the society.
In the concept of our business philosophy,
we innovate and develop technology to improve quality constantly.
As for the service,
we have established a customer relationship management system to meet the customer needs efficiently.

From the pleasant contact experience in the past,
we know about sharing benefits with integrity,
learned the way to upgrade the entire supply chain is to get all manufactures partake the profit.
To attain the target of quality,
technology and service,
we have a long-range plan starting from education,
establishing a knowledge management system for rearing talents,
also we hope that such talents can work with our company to create a bright future for the country.